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May 30th, 2014

Kindra had to run to work today, so the morning is ours to with as we please. And do we ever please. The master plan for the day is to go the Prague Castle! The fault in the plan is that we were up until after 3:30. By the time we were out the door it was already 11am. Off we went down the river until we came to a bridge to get us across to the side of the river that the castle is on. The walk really only had one mentionable. We came upon about 40 or 50 boards with WWII stories on them. The boards were double sided, sought 7 feet tall and 4 feet wide. We only stopped to read a few stories, but they were very intense. Many that we read were stories of people from Prague that had had to leave when the Reich had taken over. There were pictures of these people from the time they were young until the present. Very emotionally charged. It got me thinking about Germany and how modern Germans thought about Hitler and WWII. I told Nicole what I was thinking and that we should ask Anna when we arrived in Germany the next day.

When we made it to the base of the hill on which the castle is built, the medieval feel just took us away. Every single step revealed a more amazing view with more medieval sites. All the streets and sidewalks in Prague are cobblestone. The buildings line small cobblestone roads and loom up overhead. We found a bakery down a little alley just before you go under the gate that leads you to the castle hill. One woman was outside making some seductive smelling pastry, dressed in traditional clothing, and baking in a tradition way. She gets the dough out in a foot long snake like strand which she wraps around a 3 inch thick metal rolling pin looking thing. She rolls that in sugar and spices and then puts it over a heat source rotisserie style. When it is done, she slides it off the roller and has this cup looking thing, hollow at both ends. We hadn't eaten anything for the day and we just knew we had to try whatever this thing was. We went into the shop and there were pastries of all kinds! Croissants with cheese or bacon, fruit cakes, chocolate cakes, croissants with chocolate, and,
you get the idea. We bought a few of the pastries, coffee for Nicole and the cup looking thing. With our treasures we went outside and sat on the cobblestone sidewalk while we ate. Lovely, just lovely.

Our bellies happy, we started up the streets to the castle. Did you know that the Prague Castle is the largest in Europe? They also have super cool gift shops, in which we stopped and bought a fun souvenir. As we climbed to the top, I began to realize that it wasn't so much as a castle, but more like a fort. Surrounded by walls was basically a massive city that they called a castle. There is a beautiful cathedral, which we visited, as well as the palace that the president or chancellor or whoever, actually works out of. It is the Cveck version of the White House. Also there are tons of medieval shops with swords and armor of all kinds, along with the ceremonial hall where coronations and parties took place. It was a blast to the past. We literally lived it while we were there. It is not hard to take your mind to the workings of a coronation, or to imagine the great hall you are standing in to be full of nobility attending a high and fancy to do. It looked and felt like we were at Disney Land or a theme park of some kind. Completely unreal.

Our tour complete, we sauntered back down to the main part of town to meet Kindra and figure out a place to eat. I would be lying if dinner wasn't partly on my mind all day. I can't help but be excited for another tasty Cveck dish. However, dinner would have to wait for a little while. I was extremely tired from the previous night and needed a quick nap. Nicole and Kindra left to explore and print out our train ticket for the next day while I grabbed some z's. when they returned, I was refreshed and we all took off for the river. While i had been sleeping, Nicole and Kindra had already been to the river for a food and beer festival. It was amazing to me. In the states, if we had something like this, it would have been roped off with security or bouncers posted at each end. There probably would have been police officers on site, and you would not have seen all the families that were at this gathering. Everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves! The other thing missing at this party that would have been at in the states, were fights. No one was angry, there were no fights. Incredible. I bought a tasty grilled sandwich of some kind that Nicole and i shared while we dangled our feet over the river and enjoyed the setting of the sun.

The evening was finished out with an amazing dinner with Kindra and her friend Sophie that we had met the night before. I had roast shoulder of boar, because I'm a manly man. It was very good. We wandered through Old Town on our way back to Kindra's flat. Nicole told me that this had been one of her most favorite days.

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