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How are your sea legs? 08.06.2014
Acting on Impulse 07.06.2014
I know you, I dreamt of you once upon a dream 07.06.2014
Munich time. 05.06.2014
Beer and lemonade? 03.06.2014
More Prague 03.06.2014
How Travel Works 101 02.06.2014
To Prague! 02.06.2014
Palma de Mallorca 31.05.2014
Driving is fun! 29.05.2014
Swimming in the Sea 29.05.2014
Sleep, why do you run from me? 26.05.2014
New York Tour? Fahget about it. 25.05.2014
A Chance To Be An Intrepid Traveler or a Whiner 24.05.2014
By the seat of our pants 22.05.2014
Europe Eve-Eve 21.05.2014